Alto Professional has announced the introduction of its Spectrum PA portable PA system with built-in dual LED lighting arrays.

Alto Profesional Spectrum PA

The Spectrum PA fulfills the unique demands of delivering great performance sound, exciting lighting effects and wireless Bluetooth® convenience for both musical acts and Karaoke performances.

Spectrum PA is a 2-way 200-watt bi-amplified system housed in a very trim enclosure measuring just 8.4 x 29.2 x 10.1” (212 x 740 x 257mm) HWD. The drive units are three 6 ½” (165mm) woofers and a 1” (25mm) high-frequency compression driver, which span the full musical frequency range from 65-20kHz. Its internal amplifier is divided 130 watts to the woofers and 70 watts to the tweeter.

The system has thermal and dynamic overload protection, so the sound is always clean and clear no matter how hard it’s pushed.

However, it’s the built-in 5-mode LED lighting array that really sets Spectrum PA apart from everything else. There are countless small- to medium-sized events where top-quality Karaoke/PA sound and lighting effects are needed: weddings, karaoke contests, coffee house performances, recitals and more. In every one of these situations, expensive, complicated stacks of equipment and lighting are both inappropriate and unnecessary. Alto Professional’s Spectrum PA fulfills all these requirements with one easily-transportable, easy-to-set up unit.

“Alto Professional is well-established as one of the world’s leading sound reinforcement companies,” said Dustin Plumb, Product Manager for Alto Professional. “With Spectrum PA, we’ve leveraged our expertise to combine great sound, dramatic lighting, easy setup and affordability into a compact, easily-portable product that everyone will enjoy.”

Spectrum PA features

  • Three channel mixer: line/mic 1, line/mic 2 and Aux.
  • XLR, RCA, ¼” and 1/8” connectors.
  • 2-Band (LF/HF) built-in EQ for each channel.
  • Full Bluetooth® capability for streaming input signals wirelessly (plus wireless linking of another Spectrum PA for stereo applications).
  • Built-in dual LED arrays provide brilliant light show.
  • Five customizable lighting modes: Mood, Meter, Mix, Pulse, Party.
  • Brightness control lets you adjust or disable LEDs.
  • Custom Colour Control—easily adjust the desired mix of Red, Green and Blue lighting.
  • Adds powerful sound and visual flair to any Karaoke event or other performance.
  • Ultra-portable form factor for clean, uncluttered setups.
  • Perfect for any occasion where additional lighting equipment would add clutter.
  • Stand-mountable with 35mm threaded pole socket.
  • Rugged: Scuff-resistant black vinyl wrap and protective steel corners.
  • Easily transportable: Lightweight (just 23 lbs.) and built-in handle.

Spectrum PA will be available in December 2015 and will ship with an MSRP of £219.99 GBP.

More information: Alto Professional