Ametrine Audio Adventures in Waveforms

Ametrine Audio has released Adventures in Waveforms, an expansion pack for for the Ravernator synthesizer.

Adventures in Waveforms features

  • Included sounds: Cyber Raver (15), Basic Textures (14), Pad and Strings (14), Keys and Organ (15), BellTones (10), Cascading Emotions (7), Arps (12), Trance Core (5), Power Synth (8).
  • 100 main presets with over 50 variations.
  • Powered by the Ravernator (Windows platform only).
  • Note: requires Ravernator; fully compatible with Wusik Station 5.8.4 or higher.

Adventures in Waveforms is available to purchase for a “Pay what You think is ok” price, starting at £5.99 GBP.

More information: Ametrine Audio