Andrew Huang has launched a new music making app for iOS created in collaboration with Oliver Greschke of MoMinstruments and Christian Blomert of Zerodebug.

Flip lets you create tracks out of any sounds around you, as well as artist sample packs which include original sounds and projects from Andrew Huang, Bad Snacks, Rachel K Collier, Cuckoo, Chuck Sutton, Pusher, with more to come.

The app is designed for a fast workflow and it comes with unique features not available in any other music app that will enable you to create finished tracks as well as dynamic live performances.

As soon as you record a sound it’s available to be played on drum pads as well as being mapped across a keyboard. Sounds can be subtly shaped or entirely transformed using the built-in effects and easy-to-use editing tools.

You can record a quantized or unquantized performance on the pads or keyboard. There is also a full piano roll where you can enter and edit notes and velocities.

Record knob movements or draw automation by hand to bring even more life to your sounds. Every automation lane can also have its own independent length, for polymetric and generative music possibilities.

You can create an arrangement with up to 16 different sections, mix and master from within the app and export your track or record live output. Individual track stems can be captured as well.

Flip sampler app iOS

Patterns can be triggered live while controlling a global filter, assignable pitch bends and reverb sends, and a random fill generator.

Flip features

  • 9 track sampler.
  • 4 effects per track: Delay, Filter, Chorus, Bitcrush.
  • Graphic EQ per track.
  • Monophonic or up to 16-note polyphonic playback per sample.
  • Adjustable pitch, volume, playback direction, sample start and stop points.
  • 19 automatable parameters per track.
  • Independent lengths for each automation lane.
  • Automation can be recorded via knob movements or drawn by hand.
  • Drum pad and keyboard input.
  • Full piano roll with 10 octaves, note velocity, editing tools.
  • Randomization over sample selection for quick inspiration.
  • Randomization over note position to create surprising variations.
  • Drag-and-drop song arrangement page.
  • Global reverb with individual track sends.
  • Mixing and mastering tools.
  • Powerful performance features for creating instant fills, pitch shifts, reverb sends, and global low or high pass filtering.
  • Export full track and stems.
  • Live recording of performances.
  • Metronome with tap tempo and swing/shuffle.
  • Ableton Link integration for easy syncing with other devices over WiFi.
  • Share projects and sounds via AirDrop, email, etc.
  • Undo and redo.

Flip is available now from the App Store at an early bird price of $7.99 USD. Sample packs are available as an in-app purchase starting from $2.99 USD.

More information: Flip