Antress has released version 4.05 of Modern Plugins, a collection of freeware effect plug-ins for Windows.

The update includes two new plug-ins.

Antress Modern Seventh Sign

Modern Seventh Sign features

  • Classic 1176LN® Compressor clone.
  • Power On/Off switch.
  • GR/VU meter mode switch.
  • Input control (Relative threshold).
  • Output control (0 to 40 dB).
  • Attack time control (0.03 ms to 50 ms).
  • Release time control (50 ms to 2 sec).
  • Ratio switch (4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1 and Crush).
Antress Modern Premier

Modern Premier features

  • Mic preamp simulator.
  • Signal In/Off button.
  • Monitor On/Off button.
  • Input control (-18 to +18 dB).
  • Level control (Mix 0% to 200%).
  • Transparent control.
  • Filter control.
  • Five preamp model selector.
  • Harmonic control.

The updated Modern Plugins pack includes Modern Seventh Sign, Premier, and FlashVerb (Windows/VST). Version 3.xx plug-ins are no longer included as they will soon be replaced by new mk-IV plugins.

More information: Antress