Applied Acoustics Systems has released Starlight, a new soundbank for Ultra Analog VA-1 by Daniel Stawczyk a.k.a. Status.

Starlight lands with sounds collected at the confine of the galaxy. Indeed, the 149 presets scattered across ambient, arpeggiator, arpeggiator bass, chime, effect, keys, lead, rhythm, and synthesizer categories breach into the outer space for an impregnable intergalactic landscape.

Whether you want to teleport your music into another dimension or simply leave for an orbital spaceflight, Starlight is your ideal shuttle.

Starlight is available to purchase for $39 USD. A special bundle of Starlight and Ultra Analog VA-1 is available until April 1, 2010. This bundle is available to purchase for $179 USD.

More information: Applied Acoustics Systems / Starlight