VST Buzz has launched a two week sale on the Aria Sounds Orchestral Bundle, a huge collection of virtual instrument libraries.

The bundle includes a total of 11 deeply-sampled and fully featured libraries with a value of nearly 1,000 EUR when bought separately.

“The Orchestral Bundle” by Aria Sounds is an astounding collection of almost 100GB of content that includes strings, percussion, keys and ethnic categories.

With such a wide variety of sounds this bundle is perfect for all sorts of musical composition including Orchestral, Underscore, Ethnic, Trailer and Pop music!

Orchestral Bundle features

  • London Symphonic Strings (42GB): 1st Violins, 2nd Violins, Violas, Cellos & Basses. Articulations include – Legato, Spiccato, Sordino, Harmonics & much more! 3 dynamic layers/4 RR per note, four mic positions.
  • LSS Solo Strings (16GB): Solo Violin, Viola, Cello & Double Bass. Articulations include – Bowed Legato, Portamento Legato, Staccato & Soft/Hard releases. Up to 24 RR per note, 4 mic positions.
  • Surdos & Snares (6.5GB): Three Snares and three Surdo Drums. Articulations include – Soft Mallets, Sticks, Rims, Hands & Different Brushes. 127 dynamic layers per note, Close/Main Stage mic positions.
  • Colossal Toms (6GB): 24 stunning cinematic percussion instruments. Articulations include – Soft Mallets, Newspaper, Hands & Different Brushes. 127 dynamic layers per note, close/hall mic positions.
  • Catalyst Cinematic Drums & Percussion (3.04GB): 24 stunning cinematic percussion instruments. Articulations include – Mallets, Hard Sticks, Soft Sticks. 5 RR and multiple velocity layers, four mic positions.
  • Bansuri Flute (0.8GB): Authentic traditional Indian Flute with True Legato. Articulations include – Vibrato, No Vibrato, Turns, FP, Soft & Hard Attacks.
  • Xiao Flute (0.6GB): A Traditional Chinese Bamboo Flute. Articulations include – Builds, From Above, Turns, FP, Mordent. Expression wheel to control dynamics.
  • Celtic Harp (0.7GB): A Highly Expressive Traditional Celtic Harp. 3 Dynamic levels, 9 variations per note & velocity mapped dynamics.
  • Silk Piano (15.8GB): A Sampled Fazioli Concert Grand Piano. Up to 76 velocity layers per note (average of 35 velocity layers per note). 24bit/96khz Samples, close/stage mic positions.
  • Pipe Organ (2GB): A Magnificent Huge Church Organ. 20 different Pedals, Swells and Combos.
  • Hybrichord (4.3GB): Sounds that you’d never imagine could come out of a piano… Experimental techniques include – Picks, Plucks, Bows, Hammers, Drumming, Screws in the strings. Recorded as 24bit/96Khz wav files.

The Orchestral Bundle for Kontakt 4 or higher (full version) is on sale for just 99 EUR until January 2nd, 2018.

More information: VST Buzz