Arovane has announced the release of two soundsets for the Pigments software synthesizer from Arturia.

Suitable for the accompaniment of film scenes, action scenes, for creating suspense for game music, but also for electronic music in general, Pulse features 32 presets including evolving and ambient pads, keys, sequences, and more.

Pigments enables very complex controls through the “function generator” envelopes. These rhythmically modulate filters, oscillator volume, grain parameters, effect parameters and much more. The complex function generators interact with the mod wheel, which plays an important role in this sound set. All movements in the presets are largely controlled by the mod wheel.

Also available is Atmosphere, a collection of 32 presets with a focus on atmospheric sounds, including bass, brass, bells, keys, pads, and more.

32 presets for Arturia’s Pigments synthesizer. Granular structures, resonant ensembles, ethereal atmospheres, slowly evolving pads and textures. Ideal for the sound accompaniment of documentary films, games and in a cinematic context. The sound aspects of all presets can be controlled with the macros. The modulation wheel blends between different sound levels, controls filters and essential parameters of sound generation so all sounds can be adapted to personal taste and edited in many tonal aspects.

Priced 9.50 EUR each, the soundsets require Pigments 3.7.0 or higher.

More information: Arovane