Artifake_Labs Meltron MKX

Artifake_Labs has released Meltron MKX, a free VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

Meltron MKX emulates “The Mellotron”, one of the most famous tape replay keyboard. Meltron MKX is a sample-based plug-in, made with SynthEdit and totally free.

Meltron MKX features

  • Five voice types: 3 violins, 8-Voice Choir, Flute, Brass and String Section.
  • “Loop” and “Non-Loop” modes: as the original “Mellotron”, each sound is eight seconds long but you can switch to “Loop Mode” and allows the samples to loop continuously (more easily playable).
  • Layer possibilities and independent parameters for layer A and B.
  • Attack, Release, Pan, Octave, Pitch, Tone and volume parameters.
  • “Tape noise” knob to simulate tape hiss.
  • Tape Delay effect (Amount, Time, Feedback and Pan parameters).
  • Spring Reverb effect (Amount, Size, Damp and Pan parameters).
  • Can be used as SoundFont Player to mix any .sf2 file with “Tron sounds”.
  • Low CPU load.

Meltron MXK is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Visit Artifake_Labs for more information.