Arturia Spark Techno Essentials

Arturia has announced the release of Techno Essentials, a new expansion pack that infuses Spark with the imperturbable strength and straightforwardness of techno beats.

Techno Essentials is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and sonic resources for techno producers. It restitutes the entire sonic specter of this unwavering cornerstone of electronic music, from its origins in 80’s Detroit to its most recent and trail blazing realizations.

Made to create the most purposeful beats, the most inflexible rhythms and the darkest tracks, this expansion pack includes a range of fat kicks and nasty snares along with sonorous sub-basses and noisy hi-hats.

With Techno Essentials, Spark will become the source of all your techno beat-making.

Techno Essentials features

  • 30 kits.
  • 480 instruments.
  • 960 patterns.

The expansion pack is available for purchase for 29 EUR. Requires Spark Creative Drum Machine, SparkLE or Spark 2.

More information: Arturia / Techno Essentials