Audacity, the free, open source software for recording and editing sounds, has been updated to version 1.3.8 Beta.

Changes in Audacity v1.3.8 Beta

  • Effects and Analysis
    • VST Effects now display GUI by default.
    • Faster Equalization and Noise Removal; improved Truncate Silence and Click Track.
    • Chains applied to files now clear temporary data after processing each file.
    • Updated Nyquist implementation with support for SAL syntax and improved memory management.
    • Plot Spectrum now analyzes up to 237.8 seconds of audio, with separate windows for each project and improved display; new preferences for Spectrograms.
    • Contrast Analysis tool now modeless for easier use.
  • Interface
    • Draft Manual/Quick Help included in Windows and Mac installers.
    • New “Mixer Board” view with per-track VU meters.
    • Mute, solo, gain, pan and track height saved in projects.
    • More compact Preferences window with easier-to-use Keyboard tab and new toolbars shortcuts.
    • New Screenshot Tools and improved screen reader support.
  • Other
    • Record more than 16 channels (hardware/drivers permitting).
    • Improved support for non-mmap ALSA devices such as PulseAudio.
    • 32-bit float data over 0 dB now handled without clipping.
    • “Stop” option when importing preserves already imported data.
    • AMR NB export now supported if the optional FFmpeg library is installed.
    • Faster waveform drawing and better response in multi-track projects.
  • Bug fixes
    • Export Multiple: failed if empty label encountered; files silenced if overwriting imported WAV files without copying them in.
    • Metadata Editor hidden if it was on a now unavailable second monitor.
    • Misaligned audio after “Split New” or Noise Removal effect.
    • Incorrect label movement and paste with linked audio and label tracks.
    • Equalization, Cut Preview and Advanced Mixing Options dialogue.
    • (Linux) Mixer Toolbar should now adjust levels and select input sources properly.
    • “Audio cache” preference caused crashes – data is now only cached in memory if available RAM is above a level defined in preferences.
    • Various other crashes.

Audacity is available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix (source code).

Please be aware of Known Issues at Release (also viewable in the included README.txt).

More information: Audacity