Purrrfect Drums PD 2

Purrrfect Audio has announced the release of PD2 “Jet City”, an ultra high fidelity sample library for Kontakt, featuring realtime playable multi-track drum samples.

PD2 “Jet-City” is the culimation of thousands of hours of development.

PD2 “Jet City” features

  • 16.6 Gigabytes of unique data (24Bit/96k).
  • Up to 24 dynamic levels, each dynamic level has multiple cycling samples.
  • Each mic isolated and in phase with the rest
    • Overheads Left and Right.
    • Room Left and Right (real/useable room ambience).
    • 3 different close mics on Snare.
    • 3 different close mics on Kick.
    • Two different close mics on each Tom.
    • Mic bleed can be used or muted.
  • Kick recorded with and without snare buzz.
  • Alternate version of each Kick for double-bass.
  • Snare hits recorded with both left and right hands
    • multiple stick positions (Center, Mid, Edge).
    • stick position controlled via user-defined MIDI CC.
    • rim-shots and side-stick.
  • Tom hits recorded with both left and right hands.
  • Cymbal decays are beautifully clean
    • multiple stick positions.
    • stick position controlled via user-defined MIDI CC.
    • recorded in stereo to conserve disk-streaming.
    • recorded with a C24 for incredible detail/presense.
  • Custom GUI always keeps you informed/updated so you can focus on creativity.
  • Vdrum optimized kits/instruments included, tweaked for those specific controllers.
  • Dedicated Decay controls for each drum/cymbal.
  • Auto alternate left/right hand hits, can be toggled on/off. Especially useful with drum pad controllers.

PD2 “Jet City” for Kontakt 3 is available for download for $99 USD, or on DVD for $109 USD.

More information: Purrrfect Audio