Plugin Boutique has launched a limited time sale on the Audified U73b Compressor, a faithful and unique emulation of an old German broadcast Compressor / Limiter unit U73b.

Version 3.0 adds a compression amount parameter, makes switching between modes and release time settings smoother, and features an updated graphic user interface.

Original u73b was and still is used in many recording studios around the globe. The motivation to bring this legendary unit into the modern world is to provide this exceptional unit to a new generation of producers and audio engineers. Our plugin recreation captures the magic and analog character perfectly. u73b is a fantastic producer’s compressor, providing inspiring sound and intuitive workflow.

U73b Compressor features

  • Precise emulation of the legendary German broadcast compressor / limiter U73b.
  • Modeled tube circuit for authentic analog character and sound.
  • Optional automatic output level control.
  • Additional hi-pass filter to switch between vintage and modern sound.
  • External sidechain capabilities.
  • Three program-dependent and three fixed return times to choose from.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST3, AU and AAX formats, the plugin is on sale for $59 USD until December 20th, 2022 (regular $99 USD).

More information: Audified