Speakerphone interface

Audio Ease has announced version 2 of Speakerphone, the speaker simulator for Windows and Mac.

Here’s the press release:

Just over a year has passed since the introduction of Speakerphone, Audio Ease’s end-all speaker simulator that comes with ambience sounds, reverbs, and many dsp modules to tweak the most lifelike sounding scenarios that involve speakers.

Speakerphone has quickly become a standard in many thousands of post production and music studios. Upstairs tv sets while cooking in the kitchen is going on, street megaphones with helicopters and sirens approaching, rockabilly guitar at the stage of a prom, a call from the K2 summit to base camp with wind crushing the microphone, all from a single plug-in.

Speakerphone version 2, previewed at NAMM, features many newly sampled guitar amp cabinets, antique phones, toys, answering machines and megaphones. Added is a microphone simulation module that hosts microphones ranging from Royers to toy mics.

Among the new modules in Speakerphone 2 is one that’s called ‘coverup’. Coverup can place any sound inside tin cans, cardboard boxes, under blankets or in the closed trunk of a car. Come listen and be amazed in the Audio Ease booth 6508.

Release date and pricing are yet to be announced.