AudioCipher has announced a new plugin that lets you turn words into notes. Optionally you can select a note and scale to define the MIDI output’s key signature.

Looking to quickly generate new melody ideas for your music, but can’t find the right inspiration?

Simply type words into a text field, pick the key you want and AudioCipher instantly translates your words into MIDI. Drop that MIDI in your project and away you go!

The new AudioCipher plugin for Windows and Mac (VST3/Midi FX Plugin/Standalone) is available at a 55% discount, priced $10 USD with coupon code Rekkerd55 at the checkout.

A 250+ MIDI file library starter is included, and upon purchase you will be granted access to the official AudioCipher Discord server and plug into a thriving community of users around the world. This is a great way to embed deeper meaning and even secret messages to your fans in your music.

More information: AudioCipher