Audiomodern has just released its new Kontakt Player powered instrument Opacity II Boutique Cinematic Guitars, featuring a collection of complete guitar sessions and professional six string performances performed by guitarist/composer Justin Hodges of Terre Grande.

The instrument library delivers beautiful patterns, sultry tones, emotive licks, phrases and a wealth of next level chords.

Hosted on a unique new engine that is aimed towards composition and in-studio performance providing maximum flexibility as a professional composition module. The engine contains 14 complete Sessions, plus three variations, where each session contains 4 groups of Loop performances and tonal elements such as Chords, Phrases, Sequences and Melodic Textures. Each of the Sessions in Opacity contains multiple song sections/variations and gives you the freedom to use any of the different parts of the sessions or increase complexity by adding complimentary guitar parts.

Every element inside a Session is provided in a way that enables unlimited mix & match combinations to craft each Session in a different way. The Engine provides the ability for each sound/performance to be played as is, on loop mode and/or quantization mode for flexible performance.

New Performance Mode is included with four different guitar tones. This module sampler section now acts like a playable instrument for live playing. You can apply the full array of effects to tweak each preset or even create and save your own patches.

Opacity II features

  • Optimized Functionality & Multi-Genre versatility.
  • 6.2 Total GB of sounds (Compressed to 4.9 GB using NCW Lossless format).
  • Rearrange into an endless number of configurations.
  • Individual Effect Chain for each Group.
  • 14 Complete Sessions & more than 800 Loop performances.
  • Custom convolution reverb impulse engine.

Opacity II is on sale for the intro price of 79 EUR for a limited time (regular 99 EUR). The Opacity I & II Bundle is on sale for 149 EUR (regular 198 EUR).

The library runs in Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player version 6.2.2 or higher.

More information: Audiomodern