Fors has released its first software synthesizer: Superberry.

The synth from the new company from Ess Mattisson and Felisha Ledesma takes inspiration from melodramatic trance melodies, but employs an FM core that extends the supersaw’s timbral capabilities into new territories.

The oscillators in Superberry are based on high quality phase modulation, capable of producing timbres ranging from super sharp to super soft. The included Roulette sequencer is both polymetric and asymmetric. It can separate rhythm and pitch data and run at different lengths for evolving patterns.

Fors Superberry

We are both endlessly inspired by music, and this synthesizer is no exception. Our adoration for melodramatic 00’s trance melodies lead to an exploration of that sound; the supersaw. We wanted to be able to have that sound at the tip of our fingers, just a knob twist away from that single tear running down your cheek in bullet time.

Our concept grew and after a few weeks, we had something that used the supersaw as a springboard into a whole new whirlpool of sound, using an unorthodox synthesis core into a pair of out of focus delays.

Superberry features

  • Super sharp Supersaw Oscillator.
  • Stackable Sub Oscillator.
  • Ordinary AHR Envelope.
  • 2 Diffusing Bokeh Delays.
  • Poly/Asymmetric Roulette Sequencer.
  • Flexible LFO Modulator.

Priced 49 EUR (ex. VAT), Superberry is available as a macOS desktop app. It also comes as Superberry & Roulette sequencer Max for Live devices for both Windows and macOS.

More information: Fors