Audiomodern has released an update for the Playbeat 3 creative groove engine for Windows, macOS and iPad.

Version 3.1.5 of Playbeat includes some improvements and fixes for the powerful tool for rhythmic pattern creation.

Playbeat is a creative groove randomizer plugin that generates beats and patterns for you. Unlike an ordinary step sequencer, Playbeat creates patterns using algorithmic and random procedures for generating grooves by combining Steps, Pitch, Density, Flam, Volume, Pan and more.

Create infinite variations of the grooves while maintaining a sense of creativity, inspiration, and momentum. No two patterns will ever be the same.

Changes in Playbeat v3.1.5

  • Smart Algorithm improvement.
  • Lock MIDI output settings.
  • Trigger samples by MIDI Input.
  • Fixed load state issues.
  • MIDI FX instance for Logic Pro users.
  • Added sample transport (Sampler Editor).
  • Improved Sampler Editor waveform precision.
  • Fixed Disintegration & Infinity mode relation.
  • New MIDI instrument AU for Logic Pro users.
  • Show solo/mute buttons in Sample Editor.
  • Minor bug fixes and improved stability.

A free update to Playbeat 3 users, the desktop version of Playbeat (VST/VST3, AU, AAX and standalone for Windows and Mac) is available to purchase for 69 EUR at the Audiomodern shop and from Plugin Boutique. The iOS version is $9.99 USD at the App Store.