AudioMulch version 1.0rc1 is now available. This version will expire on January 14th 2006.

AudioMulch is an interactive musician’s environment for computers running Microsoft Windows. Bringing together the popular with what has up to now been considered experimental, AudioMulch merges the worlds of mainstream electronica and electroacoustic sound composition to create a fluid sonic environment only limited by the artist’s imagination.

Version 1.0rc1 includes over 20 bug fixes, user interface tweaks and sonic enhancements. The most significant changes are:

  • improved LiveLooper and CanonLooper contraptions with documentation
  • the ability to use MIDI note and aftertouch messages as control sources
  • and a new toggle MIDI mapping mode for boolean (checkbox) parameters

Together these enhancements make it much easier to control AudioMulch contraptions (including the Loopers) using MIDI foot pedals and control surfaces with buttons.

Visit AudioMulch for more information.