AudioSpillage DrumSpillage

AudioSpillage has released version 1.4 of its DrumSpillage virtual drum synthesizer, which now features improved facilities for browsing kit and pad presets as well as numerous other GUI enhancements.

DrumSpillage is a pro-quality model based drum synthesis plugin for Mac OS X. DrumSpillage employs a diverse palette of technologies including elements of physical and analog modeling, additive, subtractive and FM synthesis techniques.

Changes in DrumSpillage v1.4

  • Improved preset browser for kits.
  • Added facility to scroll through folders of pads.
  • Improved mouse tracking behaviour of slider based controls.
  • Changed ‘fine grain’ modifier key from shift to Command/Apple.
  • Changed ‘snap to default’ modifier key from command/apple to ALT.
  • Fixed filter modulation losing source after re-initialization.
  • Fixed LFO frequency multipliers not responding.
  • Fixed NoiseDrum pitch modulation control ‘sticking’ in some hosts.
  • Fixed invisible envelope release stage handle in 64 bit hosts.
  • Fixed ‘2pt Env’ envelope handles still highlighted when frozen.

DrumSpillage is available for Mac (AU), priced at £75 GBP/€89 EUR/$125 USD.

More information: AudioSpillage / DrumSpillage