Audiotent has launched Chaos, a soundset featuring a collection of 107 Tech House presets for the Serum synthesizer by Xfer Records.

Audiotent Chaos for Serum

The Most Complete Tech-House Toolkit

Quickly find the perfect sound to fit into your next production. Saving you time and endless synth patch tweaking.
Advanced Sound Design Unlock the knowledge of experienced sound designers by seeing exactly how each sound is created. All Four Macros Mapped. Completely alter the sound and dial in extra FX processing with the turn of a few macros. Turning each Serum preset into numerous variations.

Chaos is our biggest preset pack to date. Offering you more choice and diversity than ever before!

Chaos for Serum features

  • Analog Wavetables – Single cycle waveforms have been sampled from popular analog synthesisers. Each cycle is then morphed, giving you a huge range of flexibility within each sound.
  • Subtle Sound Design Techniques – Using sophisticated modulation techniques we were able to impart subtle imperfections that are synonymous with analog synth behaviour. Resulting in incredibly unique sounding Serum presets.
  • Beautiful Tones & Harmonics – Carefully designed presets that deliver rich harmonics and instantly improve your music.
  • Synth Patch Sweetspots – If you’re not familiar with FM & RM Synthesis it can be more difficult to dial in the perfect sweet-spot. Each FM & RM patch is designed for optimum impact.
  • Luscious FX, Drum Sounds & Sequences – Cutting edge spacial FX, FM drum sounds, and sequences that will make your music stand out above the rest.
  • Complex Modulation – Extensive routing and modulation that creates movement and intricacy.

The soundset is available for purchase from Prime Loops for £36.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops