AZ Audio ADopplerEn2

AZ Audio releases ADopplerEn2, a flexible doppler effect VST plug-in for Windows PC.

This effect is based on the old ADopplerEn, which was a simple effect design to produce the doppler effect with a panner, a delay modulted by a lfo. The new version of the effect still allows to produce this effect but is much more flexible and the overall quality is best than the first version.

ADopplerEn2 features

  • Processing channel:
    • 0 to 2 second delay tape reader.
    • Multimode filter (LP, BP, HP).
    • Stereo positioning.
    • Amplitude and feedback.
  • LFOs:
    • Common waveforms selector.
    • Free or host synced frequency.
    • Shape smoother.
    • Flexible re-synchronization options.
  • Other:
    • Complete manual.
    • 22 presets, internal fx program handling.
    • Copy/paste between each processing channel or LFO.

ADopplerEn2 is available as donationware for Windows PC.

Visit AZ Audio for more information and some audio demos.