Back In Time Records SOLAR

Back In Time Records has announced the release of SOLAR – Sonic Opulence of Life and Reality, the first volume of the SOLAR trilogy of samples libraries.

This is a completely new way of creative sampling in combination with synthesizer sounddesign. SOLAR offers a universe of incredible and never before heard sounds, atmospheres, scenes, beats, sound effects – perfect for movie soundtrack and ambient music productions. The smart mix of powerful instruments and life environment effects. Off the field recordings at unusual places, voice effects, acoustic instruments obuse – all this together makes this new library a totally stunning product that gives you the opportunity to spread your own creativity to new horizons.

SOLAR features

  • 500 MB sample library with fine arts 128 presets.
  • Format ws-engine (Wusikstation 5).

SOLAR is available to purchase as a download for 59 EUR.

More information: Back In Time Records