Dmitry Sches Glo2Zebra

Dmitry Sches has released Glo2Zebra, a free converter utility for u-he’s Zebra virtual synthesizer plug-in.

Glo2Zebra is the converter wich translates Native Instruments Absynth’s waveform templates into U-he Zebra’s oscillator templates.

Glo2Zebra features

  • Load up to 16 Absynth glo files into the converter to save them into a single Zebra oscillator template.
  • “Auto Increment” to automatically fill the slots with a sequence of glo files.
  • Supported Absynth 4, 5 and Zebra 2.5 (incl. betas).
  • Supported only single Absynth’s wave templates, not Morph waves.
  • This is not exact conversion. Converter applies interpolation to glo files before saving them to h2p.
  • Crisp mode is recommended for Zebra’s oscillator to minimize differences between original and converted waves.

Glo2Zebra is available as a free download for Windows PC.

More information: Dmitry Sches