Rayzoon Jamstix 3

Rayzoon has released version 3.0.1 of Jamstix, a virtual drum instrument.

This ground-breaking virtual drummer VSTi runs synchronized with your sequencer and features in-depth real-time modeling of various styles as well as human drummers with their own habits, accents and fill characteristics. Together, they can create thousands and thousands of realistic drum performances, each one editable down to the last hit thanks to the built-in limb-centric bar editor.

Changes in Jamstix v3.0.1

  • Stopped accents and fills recomposing when using ‘Auto’ and changing groove brain settings.
  • Fixed internal sound timing problems when using very high latencies.
  • Fixed kit display problems when using Parallel VM with shared documents folder.
  • Fixed shank logic dropping notes when no shank sound is loaded.
  • Some performance improvements when GUI is open on multi-core systems.
  • Jamcussion now properly silences during ending parts.
  • Added option to disable note display in bar icons to improve GUI performance at low latencies (BarIconNotes=0).
  • Modified activation logic to avoid blue screen with some audio drivers that cause them while waiting for an audio buffer.

Jamstix 3 is available to purchase for Windows PC (Mac version in development) starting at $99 USD.

More information: Rayzoon