Waldorf Blofeld

Back In Time Records has announced the release of three sample libraries for the Waldorf Blofeld synth module.

Waldorf Blofeld sample libraries

  • Waldorf Blofeld: Wellenformen #1
    Over 150 new sample waveforms for the incredible Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer. Carefully designed by skilled soundmaker Klaus P. Rausch especially for Blofeld purposes. Versitale, powerful, unique—a perfect expansion for every Blofeld user. Small-size waveforms for quick handling and program changes, no bothering loading time and senseless RAM occupation! Easy-to-use: Just select a Blofeld Preset, replace the current sample waveform by one from the new Wellenformen #1 content, then do the fine adjustments, save the result as a new Preset—done!
  • Waldorf Blofeld: Wellenformen #2
    This collection offers multisampled waveforms designed with vintage analog and contemporary digital synthesizers: Minimoog, DX7, Andromeda, Korg Mono/Poly and many more. Over 40 multisamples for all kinds of synthesizer sounds.
  • Waldorf Blofeld: Attack Samples
    More than 250 attack samples, this is that element for your new Blofeld sound. The human ear identifies a sound already in the very first moment—the attack phase. For this purpose, the new Attack Samples is the best resource for advanced musicians who are creating their own sounds.

The sample libraries are available for the Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synth Module for €9 EUR each.

More information: Back In Time Records