Sonokinetic Cop Radio SFX

Sonokinetic has released Cop Radio SFX, a collection of original speech sound effects.

“10-20-Over….code 8 request backup…..officer down!”

All the police dispatch quotes you’ve come to know from movies and tv recorded in high quality 24 bit audio through a real police car radio. This extensive collection covers all of the vocabulary used by police radio operators, both male and female voices are included. Whatever the situation, you can now make the call!

Cop Radio SFX features

  • 1400+ original speech sound effects.
  • Police Officer D.Margolis speech sound effects: Action Quotes; 107 SFX, Alphabet; 51 SFX, CodesOnly; 42 SFX, Generic Police Radio; 45 SFX, The Codebook; 278 SFX.
  • Dispatch Operator M. Smith speech sound effects: Action Quotes (Agitated, Descriptions, Questions); 83 SFX, Alphabet; 51 SFX, CodesOnly; 162 SFX, Generic Dispatch Radio; 193 SFX, The Codebook; 388 SFX.

Cop Radio SFX is available as a download for 19.90 EUR.

More information: Sonokinetic