Balance Mastering has updated its Analog Magpha EQ mastering equalizer audio plugin to version 1.1.0.

Balance Mastering Analog Magpha EQ 1.1.0

The update comes with an optional smaller, more compact user interface, optional knob markers for extra visual feedback, and the option to truncate textbox values to 2 decimal places. It also fixes an issue where sometimes default JUCE widget controls would display.

We wouldn’t release a mastering equaliser unless it rivalled the sound and usability of the analogue hardware we have in our studio. But we are now ready with the Analog Magpha EQ.

This EQ is the result of years of mastering experience and has been a secret weapon in getting exactly the right sound for our clients. We hope it can help you too, whether placed on a track, subgroup or the master channel, this EQ delivers a silky smooth sound that’s as warm as it is pure.

The Analog Magpha EQ (VST/AU) is on sale for the intro price of £80 GBP until May 7th, 2018.

More information: Balance Mastering