Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive sale on BeatSkillz Slam Dawg, offering 99% off on the dynamics plugin that aims to give you a fat sound.

BeatSkillz Slam Dawg 99 off sale

As a creative Musician, Artist, Producer or Engineer of the modern world, you need speed, inspiration, and Club/Radio ready mixes fast. The Slam Dawg is an audio processing plugin that can get your mixes to sound pro with quick and easy controls.

The Slam Dawg has been designed to take your mixes to the next level, in just one plugin.

Slam Dawg features

  • Easy to use.
  • Great on tracks, buses and mixes.
  • Punchy, clear and wide sound.
  • Slam your drums, bass, vocals, synths and other sounds.
  • Dry and wet controls built in.
  • Pro results without chains of plugins or confusing parameters.

Slam Dawg (VST/AU/AAX) is on sale for only £1 GBP / $1 USD until May 21st, 2018.

During the sale you can also upgrade to Slam Pro at 40% off.

Beatskillz Slam Pro

Slam Pro is a simple yet powerful tool, with just the right controls to dial in the sound that you desire quickly.

Pro Engineers use a combination of various processes to achieve great sounding tracks consistently. Slam Pro brings you such a combination of perfectly executed hardware emulations, which bring the same workflow to your setup.

More information: Plugin Boutique