Bedroom Producers has released a free Casio SA-10 Sample Pack.

Tomislav writes:

Many of my friends had toy synths when they were kids. Yes, and I’ve never had one. Not even a cheap chinese model. Can you imagine how happy I was when I got this little 80’s Casio a few days ago? Well anyway, the same moment I heard it’s cheap and dirty sounds, I new I had to record them and make a new sample pack.

Casio SA-10 Sample Pack features

  • 20 drum samples.
  • 1 SoundFont with 9 instruments.
  • 19 rhythm loops.
  • 11 super accompaniment loops.
  • 1 demo song.

The Casio SA-10 Sample Pack is available as a free download.

In case you missed it earlier, make sure to also check the free Commodore 64 [SID 8580] MSSIAH Drummer Drum Kit here.

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