Bitword Oxide 128 Volume 1

Bitword has released Oxide 128 Volume 1, a new ReFill for Reason 4.

Forged in the pulse of 128 BPM, but open to temporal flux through the powers of Dr. Rex, these loops comfortably bend plus or minus 20 BPM. Designed with ready to go loops, and bundled with individual hits for those who wish to explore further via many ReDrum, NN-XT, and Combinator Kits, this library puts electronic groove construction at your finger tips.

Oxide 128 Volume 1 features

  • 423 Rex2 Loops, and 895 Hits.
  • Combinators are ready made for Rex2 loop playback and manipulation, one for each loop category.
  • NN-XT instruments are mapped into Combinators for easy drum hit / kit selection, and manipulation through the prebuilt controls in several varieties based on context, and application.
  • 64 Redrum kits are also included for further exploration of your own beats, or variations to the supplied Rex loops.

Oxide 128 Volume 1 is now available at the introductory price of $49, until June 1st, 2009.

Visit Bitword for more information and audio demos.