BIAS has announced the release of SoundSoap Pro 2, a major upgrade to the award-winning professional audio noise reduction and restoration software suite for Mac and Windows.

SoundSoap Pro 2’s comprehensive approach provides four advanced restoration tools — Broadband noise reduction; Click and Crackle removal; Hum removal; and a Noise Gate. SoundSoap Pro 2’s super intelligent broadband noise reduction features new adaptive algorithms from BIAS — offering far more power than most competing solutions, while maintaining its relatively low cost and ease of use.

New in SoundSoap Pro 2

  • Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR) and more — The addition of ANR to SoundSoap Pro 2 means users will have significantly greater power than ever before. Instead of navigating through a noisy file to find an area of isolated noise to learn, users can leverage the advanced algorithms of SoundSoap Pro 2 to automatically extract a noise profile where previously impossible. The fact that the noise profile can be automatically and dynamically re-learned is also a significant improvement over other solutions in cases where the broadband noise changes over time. With changes in background noise being a common problem – especially in audio for film and broadcast – SoundSoap Pro 2’s super intelligence should be a welcome addition to any media tool kit. With minimal input from the user, SoundSoap Pro 2’s new super-intelligent ANR offers results previously unattainable in lower cost software products, while in many cases providing comparable results to far more expensive hardware solutions. SoundSoap Pro 2 also includes new tool tips that make the user interface easier than ever, broadband parameter value display for improved precision, Pro Tools 8 support, and additional enhancements.
  • Audio Restoration, Archiving, & Delivery Applications — Whether transferring music or dialog from analog tape, vinyl LPs, wax cylinders, or other media, SoundSoap Pro 2’s comprehensive toolset offers excellent results while still being relatively affordable easy to use. Common problems such as “hum”, “tape hiss”, and “vinyl pops” can be easily resolved using SoundSoap Pro 2 – making it ideal for audio restoration and archiving. For music producers and mastering engineers, SoundSoap Pro 2 can help ensure higher quality productions – particularly for digital re-mastering of analog material. Film and video editors can take advantage of SoundSoap Pro 2 as well for reducing common background noise issues – particularly from location footage or when archiving vintage reels. With SoundSoap Pro 2, broadband noise issues associated with telephone and/or field interviews can also be easily remedied. Podcast producers and Internet content creators can also employ SoundSoap Pro 2 to greatly reduce distracting background noise and hum – often prevalent in podcasts and videos uploaded to popular sites such as YouTube.
  • Integrated Approach to Audio Restoration — Rather than splitting the restoration process into separate plug-ins, SoundSoap Pro uses a unique, integrated interface that allows the user to access any tool quickly and easily from within a single plug-in window. Tool navigation tabs are labeled (left to right) “Hum & Rumble”, “Click & Crackle”, “Broadband”, and “Noise Gate” – reflecting the suggested order in which the operations should be performed to obtain the best possible results. The tabs provide convenient parameter feedback, allowing the user to monitor the primary tool settings globally – regardless of which tool is currently selected.
  • Multi-band NR: Speed, Usability & Performance with a Minimized Chance of Artifacts — SoundSoap Pro’s approach to multi-band noise reduction focuses on speed, usability, and performance. SoundSoap Pro combines 512 frequency bands into 12 discrete threshold and reduction sliders – delivering dramatically enhanced efficiency, ease-of-use, and superb sonic results. The sliders are easily grouped, and 12 vibrant level meters assist in threshold adjustments. When used with SoundSoap Pro’s additional controls, even the toughest broadband noise can be easily and dramatically reduced, while greatly minimizing the chance of any inadvertent artifacts. With SoundSoap Pro 2, users can choose between two traditional noise profile learning options – snapshot and timed – plus new ANR options for automated dynamic noise profile analysis and noise floor extraction. Whether reducing broadband noise from air conditioners, fans, engines, or other sources, SoundSoap Pro 2 provides excellent results with minimal effort.
  • Enhanced Visual & Audio Monitoring Options — SoundSoap Pro’s tool area features a unique, global, real-time spectrogram – providing constant visual monitoring of spectral noise that may be in need of treatment. Furthermore, users can easily hear the noise they are reducing by selecting “Noise Only”. These two features help SoundSoap Pro 2 users ensure that undesired noise is effectively suppressed while desired signals are unaffected by the restoration process.
  • Major Plug-in Host Compatibility — SoundSoap Pro 2 is designed for every major plug-in host on Mac OS and Windows computing platforms. The roster includes Peak (VST / Audio Units), Pro Tools (RTAS / AS), Logic / SoundTrack / GarageBand / Digital Performer (Audio Units), Nuendo / Cubase / Sonar / SoundForge / Audition / Premiere / Vegas (VST), and many other compatible hosts.

BIAS SoundSoap Pro 2 is available for purchase for a suggested retail price of $599 USD. Existing SoundSoap Pro customers will be able to upgrade to SoundSoap Pro 2 at $99 USD.

More information: BIAS