Big Fish Audio Rhythms of Arabia

Big Fish Audio has released Rhythms of Arabia, a sample library featuring classic rhythms of Arabia.

Rhythms of Arabia is a collection of masterfully performed and recorded Arabian percussion loops. This collection comes to you by master percussionist, Issam Houshan. Styles that are included in Rhythms of Arabia are Baladi, Malfuf, Maqsum, Saiidi, Chift (Chiftitelli) and Saudi. Instruments that are included are Dehollah, Duff, Riq and Tabla. With over 1,000 loops to choose from in various different rhythmic styles, Rhythms of Arabia truly delivers a top of the line ethnic percussion loop collection. In addition, you will find no other Arabic library on the market with this high level of authenticity, recording quality, and variety.

Rhythms of Arabia features

  • 3.5 GB of total content (1.4 GB of 24-bit WAV files).
  • 1,124 original loops.
  • Rhythms of Arabia is organized by folders of the following tempos: 80,90,100,110, 120 and 130. Each folder of tempos contains sub-folders of the different instruments included in that tempo. Each instrument contains various loops in various different playing styles.
  • These styles include: Baladi, Malfuf, Maqsum, Saiidi, Chift (Chiftitelli), Saudi.
  • Instruments included: Dehollah, Duff, Riq and Tabla.

Rhythms of Arabia is available to purchase as a download for $99.95 USD. The DVD version can now be pre-ordered.

More information: Big Fish Audio / Rhythms of Arabia