Biome Digital has launched Rhymes with Rogue – Leads, a sound library featuring the sounds of the Moog Rogue synthesizer.

biome digital rhymes with rogue

Featuring 2730 Moog hardware synth multi-samples (over 3500 including Bonus Content), meticulously designed, recorded, edited and turned into highly playable, expressive instruments for today’s most popular samplers.

The sound is thick, smooth and modern with that truly gorgeous Moog character. Every patch has 78 notes sampled from keys G-1 to C6 with one sample per key, that’s over 7 octaves! Although designed for Synth Leads, these sounds are also suitable for deep Basses, evolving Pads, luscious Keys and creative Sound Effects.

Many of these instruments feature complex modulations routing using LFO’s and Envelopes and also have Velocity, Mod Wheel and Aftertouch mapped for expressive playing.

Rhymes with Rogue – Leads is available in 4 different formats (Kontakt, ReFill, Live, and SoundFont).

More information: Biome Digital / Rhymes with Rogue – Leads