Blortblort has released stumbl, a collection of presets for the OhmBoyz delay effect plugin by Ohm Force.

While it may be older than some, it still offers more than most other delays: stereo delay lines, 4 tap pre-delay, lfo’s (10 shapes…) to [nearly] every control knob; … its options are inexhaustible. I have pushed the lfos this time… A LOT of interplay with square waves and delay time ratios, etc… very complex paths

There is a total of 22 banks in ‘stumbl’ (preset total= 176)
As always, this set was inspired by the abuse of technology and the use of older and more lofi sounds/nostalgia/BOC/filmstrips of the 70’s type feel…
I am quite happy with the uneveness of some of the time/feeling from these presets.

The presets pack is available for purchase for $12 USD. A demo pack is available for download.

More information: Blortblort