Blue Cat Audio Analysis Pack

Blue Cat Audio has released new versions of Freeware Pack and Analysis Pack, two effect plug-in bundles for Windows and Mac.

We have just released new versions of our freeware and analysis plugins that fix several issues (mainly on Mac and Windows x64). For commercial plug-ins, it also improves the demo version and makes it more user-friendly. We recommend you to upgrade to these new versions. You can check the release logs for details.

Changes in the updates

  • Fixes random crashes with “Multi” series user interfaces.
  • Demo versions improvement: demo popup window now only appears once per session, and only when opening the user interface.
  • Mac: fixes a crash with demo versions in Ableton Live 8.1.
  • Mac: fixes multiple screens issues with free plugins.
  • Win x64: fixes issues with several hosts not recognizing plug-ins or not showing the settings window properly.
  • Misc other bug fixes (more details available in the release logs for each plug-in).

More information: Blue Cat Audio