Blue Cat Audio FreqAnalyst Multi

Blue Cat Audio has released FreqAnalyst Multi, a new multiple tracks spectrum analysis VST and DirectX plugin for Windows PC.

FreqAnalyst Multi lets you visualize the spectral content of several audio tracks on the same screen with extreme smoothness and high resolution for both time and frequency.

It is the ideal solution for mixing: you can actually see which part of the spectrum every single instrument uses.

FreqAnalyst Multi key features

  • Mono, stereo or mid/side multiple tracks real time spectrum analyzer: visualize and compare the spectrum of several audio tracks on the same screen
  • Unique data sharing technology with multi-core processors support
  • Total control over the analysis parameters, with slope and offset correction
  • Smart interpolation algorithm for extreme display smoothness
  • Spectrum view with zooming and precise measurement capabilities
  • Instant, peak and average curves display for each track
  • Save the curves for easy A/B comparison
  • Opacity control for the user interface
  • Custom absolute and relative threshold control
  • Undo/Redo
  • Import/Export presets and share them between the directX and VST versions

FreqAnalyst Multi has an introductory price of 59.25 EUR/$78.80 USD (25% discount on regular price of 79 EUR/$105.07 USD).

Visit Blue Cat Audio for more information and a link to download a demo of FreqAnalyst Multi.