Bojo Software Wave changer 3

Bojo Software has released Wave changer 3 v1.01, a free VST plug-in that replaces your sound waves with simple waveforms. It distorts the sound in unusual ways.


  • Waveform: Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw up, Saw down, Exp up, Exp down, Noise (Silence simply removes the sound)
  • Distortion: Distorts the waveform by inverting it. Has no effect on Square, Noise or Silence
  • Amplitude: Peak, Flat, Inverted, Filtered and Random amplitude
  • Octave: Transposes the replaced waveforms the selected number of octaves
  • Buffer: Min/Max
  • Output: Dry/Wet and Volume controls

Visit Bojo Software to download Wave changer 3.