BOOM Library has launched a free collection of high quality samples of a Soviet ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun.

They called in the cavalry. The loud thundering of the approaching choppers fills the meadows with fear, but the answer has arrived. The hulking Soviet ZU-23-2—called Sergei by the Finns—is done being set up. THUD THUD THUD! It greets the approaching choppers with a thunderous clamor. The sky is clear, almost as clear as the intense quality of these FREE ZU-23-2 recordings we’ve sourced for you.

This pack contains 7 brutalizing wav files, which include 10 variations of shots (single, double, and salvos). The contents are perfect for games, films, and series.

The FREE sound effects in this pack can be stood in for any huge cannon or artillery you might need. So download it now for free, use it now or later, you’ll always have the license to boom.

More information: BOOM Library