Bootsy updates epicVerb to v1.0.1

Bootsy epicVerb v1.0

Bootsy has released version 1.0.1 of epicVerb, a freeware digital reverberation simulator VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

The 1.0.1 maintenance release for epicVerb is out now. It covers a couple of bugfixes, improvements and is now fully SSE compatible (running on older SSE1 machines now too).

Changes in epicVerb v1.0.1

  • bugfix: grainyness in the modulation algorithm
  • bugfix: some knobs disappeared under certain circumstances
  • bugfix: some GUI handling jitters due to overlapping mouse regions
  • change: extended focus of VOLUME knob to LED display below
  • bugfix: zipping noises on DRY/WET and VOLUME knob
  • change: some user presets added
  • change: MOD amount re-calibrated
  • bugfix: DC offset issues
  • bugfix: proper SSE1 support (older AMD Athlon systems support)
  • change: improved memory management (less memory consumption, faster loading)
  • change: updated manual

Beside the smoother modulation this is soundwise identical and the update should be safe to install in existing projects. The reverb tail at larger settings appears slightly darker due to improved delay line algorithms but this is really subtle.

Visit Variety of Sound for more information.

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Thanks for this great plug-in! I noticed that it comes with SSE1 and SSE2 versions, and I’m not sure how to tell which one I should use.

If it helps you, I’m running an Intel Pentium dual core, and the old version of EpicVerb seemed to work fine on my computer.


Hey! Looks like my comment migrated on over to this site! :) Thanks for the reply. That makes sense to me, my computer is new (2008).