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Bootsy updates TesslaSE to v1.1

Bootsy TesslaSE v1.1

Bootsy (H. L. Goldberg) has released version 1.1 of TesslaSE, a freeware signal modelling VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

TesslaSE models pleasant sounding electric effects coming from transformer coupled tube circuits in a digital controlled fashion.

Changes in TesslaSE v1.1

  • *Significant* performance improvements.
  • New phat mode added featuring a more dense harmonic spectrum.
  • Some improvements concerning stability and graphic glitches.
  • P4 denormal issue fixed.
  • SBE algorithm re-adjusted (sound is slightly changed).
  • Input trim knob added (up to 12dB input volume amplifying).
  • Output volume operation set to dB.
  • Some GUI adjustments.
  • VU meter adjustments.
  • The former experimental AUTO mode has been removed.
  • Code size optimizations.
  • Crosstalk removed.
  • Presets re-adjusted.
  • Manual updated.

Warning: The update is sound wise compatible (except SBE mode) but not level wise. Please revise your running projects using TesslaSE after updating in any case.

Download TesslaSE v1.1 here.

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