Brainworx bx_shredspread

Brainworx has announced bx_shredspread, an effect plug-in featuring intelligent M/S stereo width and tone control.

Our brandnew M/S stereo width and tone control tool bx_shredspread was designed to bring you the wide and roaring guitar sound of the pros, hassle-free and fast.

bx_shredspread is NOT an amp simulation or digital amp, it is an M/S tool with sophisticated algorithms developed especially for your guitar recordings. bx_shredspread will work with ANY doubled guitar tracks you have recorded and with any stereo guitar sound and samples.

bx_shredspread will be available to purchase for 119 EUR after a public beta period. bx_bundle & bx_control V2 users (incl. Massive Pack 8 owners) will be eligable for introductory offers.

Brainworx has also announced it is now offering demo versions of its plug-ins that do not require an ILOK dongle.

all NATIVE demo versions of the award-winning Brainworx plug-ins will run for 14 days – without any dongle – and without limitations. Just grab the installers and get your hands on the plug-ins used by the best audio engineers around the globe on a daily basis.

More information: Brainworx