BV Music BV20

BV Music has released BV20, a freeware virtual synth created with SynthMaker.


  • Mono switch
  • Drive pre-amp
  • Pitch modulator
  • Saturator
  • 3 Multi osc’s
  • 3 Draw Wave Osc’s
  • 3 Filters
  • 3 Step LFO’s with 3 Envelope Followers
  • ADSR
  • Multi LFO
  • Effects: Doubler, Ping Pong Delay, Reverb, Flanger, 3-Band Eq
  • 20 great presets to get you started
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Flexible routing system, 3 extra X/Y /Z controllers

Developer’s comments

Handles like a truck (when programming presets) but sounds great. Stunning variety of sounds and sonic madness. Light on CPU. Help files embedded into GUI.

Visit BV Music for more information and a link to download BV20.