Cableguys FilterShaper 2 public beta

Cableguys has released a public beta of version 2 of FilterShaper, a flexible filter effect plug-in for Windows.

Changes in FilterShaper 2

  • Filter routings: You can choose between parallel and serial routing of the two filters.
  • Filter panning: In parallel mode, each filter has individual controls for panning and volume.
  • Free running LFOs: FilterShaper 1 only allowed you to set the loop length in rhythmic units synced to your host software. Version 2 adds the possibility to set the speed of the loop in hertz, independently from the host tempo.
  • Master pan: The plugin got a master pan control which can be modulated just as all the other controls.
  • GUI overhaul: People thought of FilterShaper’s GUI being too reduced and academical.
  • Improved wave editing: Some further tweaks done.
  • Smoother wave editing: On modern graphics card, the CPU consumption of drawing the wave is drastically reduced.

You can download the public beta (Windows PC) of FilterShaper 2 from the Cableguys website. An OS X version will be in beta later.

The beta works in demo mode, which gives you full functionality, but you can only run one plugin instance at a time. Furthermore, you can open the presets, test-drive the plugin and do any edits, but you cannot save your changes (to be more precise: you can save your edits in the demo version, but you can only open them as soon as you got a license for the full version).

More information on this public beta can be found at the KVR Audio forum.