Cakewalk introduces Sound Center Expansion Packs


Cakewalk has announced the release of several Sound Center Expansion Packs, sound libraries for the Cakewalk Sound Center.

Digital Sound Factory has created a library of high-quality expansion packs for Cakewalk Sound Center (included in SONAR X1, Music Creator 5, and Production Plus Pack 3). To celebrate the release of these packs, we are offering a special introductory of price of only $19.95/£14.95/€19.95 for each pack (regularly $29.95/£24.95/€29.95).

Cakewalk Sound Center Expansion Packs

Sound Center Expansion Packs features

  • Steinway Grand Piano – The Steinway Grand is one of the most classic grand pianos ever produced. Built with the best materials acquired, Steinway pianos create a rich full sound like none others. This beautiful Steinway Model L includes multiple layers matched for the ultimate realism. Each sample was reviewed, and the best were assembled to create this grand piano for Cakewalk’s Sound Center. As a result of this process, this natural sounding piano will work in any track mix. (10 Programs).
  • Vintage Keyboards – Vintage Keyboards delivers the keyboard sounds that defined popular music in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s including the Hammond B-3 organ, Rhodes and Wurlitzer EP to legendary analog and digital synthesizers like the ARP 2600 and CP70, Vintage Keyboards gives you an all-in-one, no-compromise collection of over 30 classic keyboards meticulously sampled from the finest vintage instruments available. (220 Programs).
  • World Instruments – World Instruments represents an array of strings, winds, and percussion instruments from around the globe. African melodic and percussion, Chinese and India winds, Russian strings, and steel percussion instruments will color musical compositions with old world harmonic textures. This collection brings inspiring elements that weave the old world into the new world. (109 Programs).

More information: Cakewalk

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CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP???? I keep getting sample kits to expand my Cakewalk Kinetic 2 libraries and idk how to get them to my library. Theyre normally rar so i downloaded 7 zip for extraction but idk where to extract the files. I been asking around for a long time and just getting ignored please help. If you have advice for me please email at please. Thanks so much in advance.


What are you trying to install exactly? Loops or drum-kits in a certain format? Trying to extract to kinetic is pointless unless you know this. Kinetic has both the Dropzone sampler and the Groove-synth. Dropzone can only load 2 samples threw the interface; so you won’t be able to make any kits. It does load SFZ files if you need to load multiple samples. A quick easy way to make SFZ files for drum kits without an editor or using notepad is to use the FPC drum sampler in FL STUDIO. It has an option to save to SFZ! Just… Read more »


Please HELP… How do I install digital sound factory expansion packs to music creator 6.. Thank You!