Camel Audio has announced the release of Biolabs: Dark Space, a sound library for Alchemy and the Free Alchemy Player.

Biolabs Dark Space

Biolabs: Dark Space is a nightmare blend of science fiction and horror that is both fascinating yet strangely chilling. Featuring an extensive collection of moody and twisted soundscapes, tortured machines, a host of distressed hits, scrapes and evolving impacts, possessed basses, freaky effects and disembodied voices, each of its 75 presets is a mini-world of possibilities fuelled by fiendishly clever programming.

With over 1 GB of newly sampled material spanning warped alien artefacts to liquid terrors, dark space is by turns organic and machine-like – a wicked confection to bend your music in strange new ways. Biomechanoid is a respected sound designer, well known for his original Biolabs: Alchemy Labs
collection, and his Absynth presets. He has also designed sounds for various games and Hollywood movies.

All presets have been carefully designed with Polyphonic Aftertouch for even greater expression. The forthcoming update to the Alchemy Mobile App transmits Polyphonic Aftertouch opening up a new world of expressive sound control. Imagine being able to sweep through each sample of a chord, or tweak the filter of each held note with your fingertips.

Biolabs: Dark Space is available to purchase for $35 USD / 29 EUR / £25 GBP (Alchemy Player included).

Visit Camel Audio for more information.