Celemony has announced that all registered Melodyne users are welcome to participate in the beta testing of Melodyne editor, the first Melodyne product featuring the Melodyne DNA technology.

Melodyne editor represents, in terms both of functionality and technology the latest Melodyne generation and features all the fully mature and proven editing functions which are familiar already from previous editions of Melodyne. Through the integration of DNA, however, even the harmonies in an audio file can be made visible, accessible and malleable – note by note. Users can literally intervene in the chords of their recordings and alter individual notes with them. The implications for the correction and refashioning of audio are simply sensational.

Melodyne editor is designed for the editing of recordings of individual instruments, for example vocals, guitar, saxophone or piano, but good results can be obtained even with complex material such as string quartets. Users can alter the pitch, position and duration of the detected notes, make them louder or softer, copy or cut them and paste them into new locations, and so on. In addition, characteristics such as the formant spectra, vibrato and pitch drift of notes can be modified, as can the pitch, amplitude and formant transitions between notes. Furthermore, special copying functions make it possible to impress selected attributes of one note upon another.

Whilst Melodyne editor, in terms of intuitive access, musicality and sound quality, stands squarely in the great Melodyne tradition, its technical foundations are completely new. The new software basis offers among things optimized multi-threading of which modern multi-core processors can take full advantage. It also allows many improvements in plug-in operation including a freely definable window size, auditioning during pitch editing, scrubbing and “Edit Play” – playback uncoupled from the host.

The beta test is available to download now for all registered Melodyne customers. The sales launch in music dealers and the Celemony Web Shop is planned for the beginning of November, priced at $349 USD / €349 EUR.

More information: Celemony Celemony editor Public Beta