Celemony Melodyne3

Melodyne3 contains many new functions and improvements. Melodyne3 offers a new algorithm that allows any type of audio material to profit from Melodyne’s unique editing functions and sound quality; in other words, Melodyne is no longer limited to the editing of melodies but can handle homophonic and polyphonic textures.

Melodyne3 also offers fully automatic analysis of the audio material, powerful macros for the correction of intonation and timing errors, and numerous improvements in the user interface. Melodyne3 is not only capable of doing far more than its predecessors; it is also faster and easier to use.


  • Very high quality time stretching and pitch shifting
  • Far more reliable note recognition
  • Macros for the correction of intonation and timing errors
  • Simpler arrangement editing
  • More powerful editing functions
  • Data-related improvements
  • Improvements in the layout and workflow
  • Other improvements

Melodyne3 is scheduled for release in November 2005. Prices (also upgrade) are available at the Celemony website where you can find additional information about this upcoming release.