Sonic Visualiser

Chris Cannam has released version 1.4 of Sonic Visualiser, an application for inspecting and analysing the contents of music audio files.

It combines powerful waveform and spectral visualisation tools with automated feature extraction plugins and annotation capabilities.

Changes in Sonic Visualiser v1.4

  • SV now has a Region layer type, used for display of features with durations (also supports Vamp v2.0 plugins that provide durations for features).
  • Layer data can now be imported from RDF described using the Audio Features Ontology, as well as from the existing text file types.
  • You can search for transforms by text in the new “Find a Transform” dialog.
  • You can now zoom and scroll vertically in the time-value, note, and colour 3d plot layers.
  • Sonic Visualiser can now load sessions from uncompressed XML files as well as its own compressed-XML .sv format.
  • Several crashes and other bugs have been fixed.

Sonic Visualiser is available as freeware (GNU license) for Linux, Mac and Windows.

More information: Sonic Visualiser