Chris Randall Plinkton

Chris Randall has released Plinkton, a generative music application for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

Plinkton is a generative music application that allows you to create a rhythmic groove over a bed of smooth ambiance.

Select from three different backgrounds and four different Plinkton sound-sets, give the Plinkton a push, and relax as your iPhone or Touch generates soundscapes for you.

Plinkton features

  • Generative music application.
  • User control over background and foreground volumes and the number of floating “Munchies.”
  • User control of direction and speed of the bouncing Plinkton.
  • OSC sender to control other hardware and software; user can select IP address and port in preferences.

Plinkton is available to purchase from the iTunes App Store for $0.99 USD.

More information: Analog Industries / Plinkton