Christian Budde Noname EQ (Copper skin)

Christian Budde has released Noname EQ, a 7-band tracking EQ, designed for low CPU usage with the best possible sound quality.


  • 7 bands: -15 dB/15 dB, 20 Hz/20 KH, 0,10 Oct/10 Otc
  • Filter per band: Lowcut, Lowshelf, Bandpass, Peak, Notch, Highshelf, Highcut
  • Magnitude display (can be turned off)
  • 3 colour schemes: chrome (default), copper and orange
  • GUI options: Text shadow on/off, text quality control
  • Snapshots (A-F)

Some of the options (such as GUI) can be changed by right-mouse clicking on the Noname EQ area.

Since there is no manual it might be nice to know you can copy values from snap to snap by right mouse clicking on a label you want to assign the values in the current snapshot to. The Shift and Crtl-keys can be used for finetune of controls.

Noname EQ can be downloaded here.